Client Terms & Conditions

House in Tuscany – Client Terms & Conditions

Purchasing your property with HIT’s advertising via their website and other marketing applicable to a Prospective Purchaser.

1.The Purchaser shall pay to HIT a fee (called a referral fee) the amount of 3% (with a minimum of €3K plus IVA (VAT) on the sale price at the agreement stage. This is in addition to any payments made to HIT by the seller.

2. For the avoidance of doubt, such referral fee shall mature and become payable on the signing by the seller and the purchaser commonly called the Compromesso stage.

3. HIT is not responsible for the accuracy of the information/ material about any property provided or listed in HIT’s website or brochure or any marketing material. The reason for this is because the contents and accuracy of such information/ material are provided by the seller or their agents and beyond the control of HIT. The role of HIT is purely to advertise and expose the property. HIT is not acting in the role of an Estate Agency. The prospective Purchaser has to verify and check the description / accuracy of the property themselves using the assistance of their own agents and, very important, also a technician such as Geometra and or Architect and Consulting Engineer.
However HIT has facilities to provide Real Estate Agency work in-house via its Agent
Martina Tschiderer,
Partita IVA    IT 02373740469 – REA LU-225189
Cod. fisc. TSCMTN59A44Z102M
and in the event you decide to use HIT for such work, this will be included in the above referral fee.
The services offered by the Real Estate Agent are set out at point 6.

4. Until the signing of the agreement by the seller and the purchaser, HIT will carry on advertising the property and it is open for the seller to sell the property to any Third Party.

5. The referral fee does not include the following items.
Property registration fee, and the following taxes: imposte ipotecarie e catastali
Notary fees
Land Registry fee
Mortgage tax and mortgage registration fee
Property technical report such as Geometra’s advice/ reports and Architects and or Consulting Engineers fees.
Planning applications and Building Regulations approval fee

6. The referral fee payable shall include the following services.
Attending on site and showing the prospective purchaser the property
Price negotiations with the seller or their agents
Assisting on availability of Mortgages
Drawing up the Purchase Agreement, commonly called ‘offer’, if required
Drawing up the Compromesso
Arranging the final contract with the Notary known as Atto 
Assisting with transfer of monies from one jurisdiction to another using currency dealers
Assisting in obtaining the Italian Codice Fiscale and opening an Italian current Bank account.
Assisting with the purchase of contents/ furniture/ fixtures and fittings prior to the signing of the agreement.
Assisting to refer the prospective purchaser to a property manager/ bill payer adviser, if one is available in the locality of the property.

7. Further services provided by HIT if required and in that event it is payable on top of the referral fees:

Translation services from Italian language to English language or any other language in respect of the following documents or any other additional documents which maybe required.
Purchase agreement
Final contract (Atto)
Assisting with arranging a Power of Attorney if required.
Assisting with the changes of name of Utility Bills into the Purchasers name and also registering the purchaser’s names and details with the local council (Commune) and other institutions about the change of the ownership of the property.
Assisting with Building and Contents and any other Insurance.
Assisting with Structural survey
Translation of Italian quotes, surveys or other documents.
Assisting with a feasibility study of any projects required by the prospective purchaser such as Restoration, Renovation, Design and Build, Modifications, Additions and linking with Project Management from start to completion.
Assisting with telephone connections such as landline and Broadbent and TV and Satellite connections
Assisting with swimming pool installation.
Assisting with letting out, renting of the property for certain periods 
Assisting with Cross Border Legal jurisdiction such as
Wills and Dual Wills
Selling properties in other jurisdictions such as sale of UK property
Tax issues and matters of both jurisdictions.
Any Legal disputes or avoiding and safeguarding the prospective purchaser from such disputes etc.
Relocation services inter alia such as
Furniture/ Contents transportation from UK to Italy,
Schooling of children
Private and State Pension- moving them
Health Care and Doctors such as GP’s, Dentist and Hospitals information and guidance
Financial services re investments?
Business ideas and feasibility studies.
Purchase or usage of motor vehicles and insurance
Traffic violations

8. All prices above including the referral fees are all subject to IVA (VAT) applicable at the appropriate stage and breakdown of the amounts will be provided prior to the Prospective Purchaser entering into any agreement with HIT or its Agents etc.