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  • Tuscan Home Furnishings - Tuscan decorating style has become popular all around the world. It is a symbiosis between nature and architecture. From ancient Roman times, people moving from big cities to Tuscan highlands, incorporated all natural elements into their villas. These elements still persist and have made Tuscan style appealing for our own homes today. Tuscany style decoration […]
  • Tuscany by Car Tuscany by Car - Driving a car gives you maximum flexibility to choose when and where to go. Travelling around Tuscany by car can be the only transport to get to some of the nicest places where roads wind up, down and around the colorful Tuscan hills. But if you are driving around these smaller back roads, take your […]
  • Utility Companies in Italy Utility Services in Italy - Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water (AEEG) is an independent body, which regulates and supervises the electricity and gas makers in Italy. The purpose of its establishment in 1995 was to protect the interests of users and ensure efficient, cost-effective and profitable nationwide services with satisfactory quality levels. The Authority is responsible for […]



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Jo-Ann Pizzi

I consider you to be the most honest and trustworthy realtors I have met in Italy

Jo-Ann Pizzi



Meet The Team

Martina Tschiderer - Partner House in Tuscany

Martina held high level positions at Swiss Air and other large multinational companies, experience has been gained in the coordination of work teams as well as taking on board all the legal angles in the implementation of any project.

She can also identify and extract clear objectives and produce objectives and targets and convert the same into Business plan and then implement it.

Martina has good and effective negotiation and diplomatic skills and prides herself as a problem solver.

She is a highly motivated cross border operator and do not shy away from difficult discussion and decisions and hard work and endeavour.

Her expertise now is in Real Estate, principally in Tuscany, Martina is a fully qualified Estate Agent as from 04/12/2013, when she has achieved the title by passing the exam as by art.1. – comma 2) del D.M. 21.2.1990 n. 300. (Idonietà per l’esercizio dell’attività di agente di affari in mediazione – settore immobiliare – e settore agenti con mandato a titolo onoroso).

Martina is collaborating with House in Tuscany as a consultant for property research and House Counselling, as well as offering her experience and title as Real Estate Agent in Italy, REA LU-225189. Member of federation F.I.M.A.A. Lucca n. 732. (Professional Insurance No. 44331710).


Philip is a solicitor with over thirty years of experience in a wide range of areas of law. He is also interested in world travel which led him to choose the Tuscany region to build his own home.

He has personal experience with the renovation process and the process of becoming an Italian resident as well as professional experience dealing with a wide range of law including construction disputes, personal injury claims, wills and probate, conveyancing and cases dealing with cross-borders jurisdiction.

Philip’s considerable experience and passion for Tuscany and the Italian way of life is an excellent boon for anybody looking to migrate to Tuscany.

Geoff Dixon Partner HIT-Italy, House in Tuscany

Geoff is an expert Marketeer, Designer and Digital Developer with over 20 years experience in project management and programme development.

With a long-standing passion for all things Italian, Geoff travels to Tuscany for business and pleasure whenever he can.