Cross Border Legal Jurisdiction

Specialist Advice

As well as helping you find your dream Italian property, we also sign-post you to cross-border legal services for clients who need specialist advice on issues involving both the English and Italian jurisdictions.

We will refer you to lawyers in Italy or England on issues involving both English and Italian Law. We have a close working relationship with these legal professionals.

Advice can be provided on issues such as:

1) Wills and Probate – Inheritance

2) Family disputes involving both jurisdictions

     i) Dissolution of marriage – divorce

    ii) Financial matters and Spousal maintenance

    iii) Custody of children and visitation

3) Personal Injury

    i) Road Traffic Accidents (Treaty of Rome)

4) Intellectual Property

5) Contractual matters

6) Building disputes

7) Criminal matters involving both jurisdictions

8) Employment matters involving both jurisdictions

9) Any other legal matters

We will initially assess any client’s case free of charge.