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Tuscany by Rail

Trains, buses, taxis and cars are the main transports that can be used to travel around Tuscany. Tuscany is not a large area; it can be traversed by train, car or bus in a matter of hours. But trains remain one of the easiest ways to travel from city center to city center.

Florence’s station is the main station in Tuscany as it is located in the capital. From there, you can take intercity and regional trains to reach other rail destinations in the area.

There are several types of trains that operate in Tuscany: Eurostar Italia (ES), Intercity (IC), frecciagento (high speed and traditional lines) frecciarossa (high speed lines), and slower frecciabianca. Passengers get the option to choose from first and second-class tickets.

To enjoy Tuscany’s rustic villages, slower, regional trains are a great option. The Chiusi line, the Elsa Valley route and the Siena/Grosseto route are some of the region’s most scenic slow train rides.

The train connects all major cities but to get to some towns you’ll need to rely on bus services. Tuscan cities such as Siena, Cortona or Volterra, tend to be located on hilltops, while their train stations are not. Therefore you would have to take a bus or walk to reach your final destination.

When it comes to paying for rail travel in Italy you have got two options. You can go for a Eurail Pass or point-to-point tickets, which is cheaper unless you are planning to do some lengthy routes. You can buy and print tickets online from Tren Italia, on site at train station ticket windows or automated machines.

Before boarding a train in Tuscany, be sure to validate your ticket at one of the yellow or orange boxes located on the railway platforms. If you forget this last step your copy ticket will not be valid.

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Museums, Monuments & Galleries

Tuscany has a wide variety of places of interest to visit. It hides a sensational history that has been preserved thanks to the different museums. If you are looking for a fascinating history, superb works of art or even a walk through the Italian gastronomy, Tuscany is the perfect place.

Tuscany boasts a priceless cultural and artistic heritage. It houses more than 500 museums throughout the region with endless spectacular works of art. The greatest artists of all time, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giotto, Botticelli or Donatello have left their marks on the region’s artistic history. The famous marble statue of David by Michelangelo, the Birth of Venus painted by Botticelli or the Annunciation of Leonardo Da Vinci are some of the main examples that attract millions of tourists every year.

Most of the artistic remains were built during the Renaissance, which was originated in this region. Therefore, most works of art can be found in Florence, as it became the cradle of this artistic style between the 15th and 16th century.