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Eating Out

Italy is well known around the world for its gastronomy. It reflects their ancient culture and history. Aromas and flavours coexist in all different dishes elaborated with local products such as cheese, olive oil, pasta or white truffles. Tuscan gastronomy is healthy and simple. They focus on the excellent quality of the products used and not on the elaboration process. Handmade pasta and pizza are some of the most common dishes when referring to Tuscan cuisine but we can also find delicious fish dishes that are elaborated all around the coast.

We can not talk about Tuscan cuisine without mentioning their traditional desserts. Panforte Siena, elaborated with bread and almonds, or even the delicious “gelatos” can easily be found all around Tuscany.

Desserts are usually served with a glass of sweet wine .Wine has been part of the Tuscan civilization for over 3,000 years. Its production started with the Etruscans, who settled in Tuscan hills during the IX century. This civilization considered the wine a mystical product. Its importance still persists nowadays and the production has increased importantly. Their lands have made possible the production of some of the best red wines in the world. The classic Chianti is a good example: a wine of high quality recognized all around the world.

These are some restaurants around Tuscany where you will be able to taste their delicious traditional dishes and Tuscan vintage wines.

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Air Travel

Nowadays, flying to Tuscany is easy and cheap. Tuscany has two international airports that are well connected with major airports of the world: Amerigo Vespucci Airport in Florence and the Galileo Galilei International Airport in Pisa.

If you are planning a journey around the north of Tuscany, (Lucca, Pisa, Florence or La Garfagnana) Pisa Airport is the best option. Flying to Florence is expensive and not worth it as it is just located 80km away from Pisa. Low cost companies, such as Ryanair and easy Jet, fly from main European cities to the Galileo Galilei International Airport. If you are flying from United Kingdom, London Stansted, Leeds, Liverpool or East Midlands are some of the airports where you will find great reasonable prices to travel to Pisa during the whole year.

If you are flying from London Stansted airport, flying to Perugia could be an alternative. You can find cheap flights with Ryanair. This city, located in the south of Tuscany, is located 100km away from Siena and it is well connected with other major cities.

However, Tuscany is not a big area. It can be traversed by train, car or bus in a matter of hours. Therefore, you could consider flying to Rome as it might be cheaper. Renting a car, getting a train or a bus can be the easiest way to travel around Tuscany.