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Martina Tschiderer

Martina Tschiderer - Partner House in Tuscany

Martina held high level positions at Swiss Air and other large multinational companies, experience has been gained in the coordination of work teams as well as taking on board all the legal angles in the implementation of any project.

She can also identify and extract clear objectives and produce objectives and targets and convert the same into Business plan and then implement it.

Martina has good and effective negotiation and diplomatic skills and prides herself as a problem solver.

She is a highly motivated cross border operator and do not shy away from difficult discussion and decisions and hard work and endeavour.

Her expertise now is in Real Estate, principally in Tuscany, Martina is a fully qualified Estate Agent as from 04/12/2013, when she has achieved the title by passing the exam as by art.1. – comma 2) del D.M. 21.2.1990 n. 300. (Idonietà per l’esercizio dell’attività di agente di affari in mediazione – settore immobiliare – e settore agenti con mandato a titolo onoroso).

Martina is collaborating with House in Tuscany as a consultant for property research and House Counselling, as well as offering her experience and title as Real Estate Agent in Italy, REA LU-225189. Member of federation F.I.M.A.A. Lucca n. 732. (Professional Insurance No. 44331710).