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Tuscan Home Furnishings

Tuscan decorating style has become popular all around the world. It is a symbiosis between nature and architecture. From ancient Roman times, people moving from big cities to Tuscan highlands, incorporated all natural elements into their villas. These elements still persist and have made Tuscan style appealing for our own homes today.

Tuscany style decoration is warm, inviting and rustic. The appeal lies in its simplicity. Terracotta roof tiles can be seen everywhere and walls are built of sandstone bricks. The rustic Tuscan style uses earthy colours: terracotta, brick, ochre, greens and golden yellows, which, adds to the house a warm, welcoming feeling.

Tuscan style uses natural materials from the region such as marble. We can find spectacular white marble caves in the heart of the Apuan Alps, in the province of Massa-Carrara, which is then used for flooring, decorative details, pillars and arches. The furniture used is usually characterized by straight, simple lines and has become an important business around the world.

Outdoors spaces are also important when referring to a Tuscan style. It is common to include a patio as well as a water fountain in the central courtyard.

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